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TEH PELUNTUR LEMAK ... SOLUTION TO LOSE WEIGHT ... This product has Sold THOUSAND PACKS in Indonesia in several months only HOW DOES IT WORK : - Burn fat into calories - Release the fat through urine - Losing weight at least 2kg/ week - Not reduce appetite so fat exists in food may be absorbed because the process of working this tea - There are no side effects because the material is pure tea without a mixture of chemical elements - Not cause stomach pain. - 100% safe, because it uses only natural ingredients from Indonesia HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL ON DIET USING " TEH PELUNTUR LEMAK " : - Try not to consume coffee, ice, coconut water, and soft drinks - Dissolve 1 or 2 packs " TEH PELUNTUR LEMAK " in boiling water in order to the tea extract can get out maximum. - Drink " TEH PELUNTUR LEMAK " in warm, then multiply drinking water and use warm water as well. Do not drink cold water from the fridge or water containing ice. - While you do not exercise, try walking at - least 45-60 minutes, the goal is to help burn fat in the abdomen, because abdominal fat is needed for the extra time in the crush - Drink this " TEH PELUNTUR LEMAK " 2 times a day, ie morning 30 minutes before breakfast and before the evening meal after sunset. Try not to eat in the evenings except fruit and drink warm water. If stomach feels hungry do not rush to eat, drink warm water first, and eat it slowly. reduce the size of the meal so that your metabolism more smoothly. If you still feel hungry, be coupled with a portion of their time eating but less than usual. WE LOOKING FOR AGENT TO YOUR COUNTRY : - Malaysia - Singapore - Philippines - and Other Countries ... PRICE : Just Call/ SMS to + 6281 737 1614 ( content of 60 sachets / pack - For 1 until 2 Month Package ) HOW TO ORDER : - Just send us SMS to + 6281 737 1614 - Add our BlackBerry Pin : 2A004991 - For more Information about our Product, just Add our Email ObatHerbalSehatBadan@ and chat with me by Google Talk or Google Hang out - Tell us how many packs do you want to order. - Get the Cheaper Price for order at least 5 Packs. CALCULATION FOR SHIPPING WEIGHT: ----------------------------------------------- 1 kg = 3 Packs 2 kg = 7 Packs 3 kg = 10 Packs 4 kg = 12 Packs 5 kg = 15 Packs 14 kg = 50 Packs 28 kg = 100 Packs